Lessons from the Desert in Self Love & Self Care

by Jeanette LeBlanc & Winona Grey  

Oasis: Cultivating Lush Hearts in Desolate Places A 6-week Online Writing & Photography Course Available now - begin your journey at any time. 


The desert is a wise teacher.  

She is resilient. Brilliant, fiery and determined to survive, no matter what. Growing life and beauty in soil so hard it won't give and air so hot it burns. Refusing to yield. Shining light so strong you can't not see truth when you're ready for it.  

She reminds us that beauty is not always soft, that it does not preclude strength, and that we can adapt, thrive, and be exquisite in places where such things cannot be taken for granted. 

She extends her hand in an invitation to insist, to claim for ourselves that which we need to survive and blossom. To grow and become. 

 These are the lessons of the desert.This is what we offer you. Not from a place of mastery, but from a space of our own rising knowing.  

We need this. We need the reminder of this practice. We need the devotion to creative force. We need to wander through the desert, just as you do, and to cultivate an oasis of self-love and self-care.  

We invite you to join us on the journey. 

A Preview of What We'll Be Teaching...

EXODUS The Art of Wandering

WELCOME TO OASIS A Self Care Ceremony 

MONSOON How Desert Dwellers Dance in the Rain

BOUNDARIES Activating Your Inner Guardian

MAPPING YOUR PATH BACK A Love Letter to Self & Body

Oasis: Cultivating Lush Hearts in Desolate Places A 6-week Online Writing & Photography Course Join us to begin your journey now


Oasis is:  

A six-week journey of intentional cultivation. A space to recommit to self, to soul, to the exquisite sort of care we can only give to ourselves.  

Each week you will receive a welcome to the theme and two exploratory prompts delivered to your inbox - a photography prompt (no advanced technical skills or equipment necessary) and a writing or journaling prompt as well as an exercise focused on self-care or self-love.

Designed to be taken at your own pace. Self-care has no timeline. Journey in the way that feels right for you. 

Oasis is not:  

A quick fix or a miracle cure - this will require your commitment.

A promise that we will revolutionize your entire life in four short weeks - life revolutions take more than a month.

An impersonal set of directions meant to be followed blindly - your own oasis can only be created by you.

A promise that the process will always be soft and gentle - the desert teaches us that beauty is also found in the most raw and tenacious spaces.  

Who is Oasis for?  

You don’t have time or space for long spa vacations or trips to the seaside.  

You know the value of self care and self love but are not actually practicing it, or at least not practicing it regularly.

You spend much of your time caring for others, putting your own needs on the backburner and finding yourself depleted.

You struggle with creating boundaries and routines, especially when it comes to devotion to your own care.  

You regularly find yourself losing yourself in the midst of life’s demands, losing your sense of self, your voice, your connection to your inner knowing.  

You are drawn to creative exploration, though you need not be a professional artist or writer. 

Who are we?  

Jeanette & Winona are photographers and writers who found themselves in an unexpected love affair with the desert and a deep respect for her wisdom and teachings.  

We are mothers and caretakers and creative business owners who struggle - just as you do - with creating our own devotional practices of self-care and self love.  

 Oasis was born out of our own desire to use our creative practices to cultivate a sustainable connection to self and soul.